Saturday, February 9, 2008

Broiled Cinnamon Toast

This is the way my Mom made cinnamon toast when I was a kid, and this is the way I made cinnamon toast for my children, especially served with hot chocolate when they came inside from playing in the snow. We all think it's the best cinnamon toast ever.

Slices of bread, buttered liberally
Sugar, sprinkled liberally on each buttered slice
Cinnamon, tapped gently onto each slice, I used a tea strainer.

Preheat the broiler
Place all the slices onto a baking sheet
Broil in an oven with the door ajar until nicely done, not burnt
I like to cut each piece of toast into three pieces, like fingers.


Anonymous said...

Finally! I found someone who makes cinnamon toast the way I was brought up to do. Most recipes seem to mix the sugar and cinnamon before putting on the toast. The horrific one to me is toasting it in a toaster, butter it as soon as it pops up and put the sugar-cinnamon mix on it. Blechhh!
I use the broiler, put the butter, sugar and cinnamon on, respectively, before it goes under the broiler. For me, with the door closed, it takes 2 mins and 15 secs to toast on "broil." I like your tea strainer idea and cutting them into "sticks."
Thanks, Jann.
Carrollton, TX

Molly Loves Paris said...

Well that makes two of us now, if you don't count my mother, who I learned how to make cinnamon toast from. I suspect she learned if from my grandmother, someone born in the 1800s. It does taste so much better than any other kind. It's odd how food goes out of fashion.